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Deciding on land estates can be a difficult decision when so many varying factors come into play.

House and land packages are increasing in popularity among home buyers as well as investors, but there are simply hundreds of packages on offer.

Lyndarum Estate, Wollert, VIC.


We now got under our roof and together, have launched a new house and land section on our site as a helpful resource for guiding buyers in the choosing process.

Looking for the perfect match? Match now

Listen to director of, Mark Shearer, who provides further insight on how buyers choose land estates, what buyers look for, choosing the right location, getting the price right, and much more, so that you can secure the best result.



Feeling inspired? Jump onto our house and land page and find your perfect property match!

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Untitled-3Could Footscray be Melbourne real estate’s best kept secret? This industrial, working class suburb has been recently dubbed “the new Fitzroy”, and is home to over 13, 000 residents. Historically, Footscray’s name has been somewhat marred because of its ‘rough around the edges’ reputation, but locals and agents alike say that this is now largely unjustified. › Read full article

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Let’s Move to… Glen Iris

Nestled amongst Camberwell to the north, Ashburton to the east, Carnegie to the south and Malvern to the West, Glen Iris is the middle-class oasis of Melbourne’s South- Eastern suburbs. This is an area which ticks boxes for a home … › Read full article

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Let’s move to…Kew

  Kew, perhaps one of the brightest jewels in Boorondara’s crown, has long been known as the home to some of the wealthiest and reputable figures of Melbourne. If there is one word to describe Kew, ‘impressive’ may be it. … › Read full article

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