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What do buyers want? The answer to this question helps explain why Melbourne property prices rise more in some suburbs than others and can help buyers predict which suburbs will offer the biggest capital growth.

Aerial of MelbourneThe Ripple Effect on Prices

It’s called the ripple effect: as prices rise in a sought-after suburb, buyers wanting good transport, shopping and schools opt for a more affordable nearby suburb. So, like ripples on a pond, prices in those neighboring suburbs begin to rise. › Read full article

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Appetite to rent_RESIZEDProperty owners who are new to investing will undoubtedly have concerns about who it is that will live in their asset. This is often even more so the case when the property has been the owners’ home at some stage.

While problems with tenants causing damage are not as commonplace as some may have you believe, screening tenants with the assistance of your property manager can help you feel more at ease with your latest occupants. › Read full article

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Going… going… Gone! Auctioneer’s strategies for auction day

Hands up who is daunted by the idea of bidding at an auction. It can be a daunting prospect, can’t it? As both an agent and auctioneer, I can identify with these sentiments because I see it in my clients … › Read full article

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The top five first home buyer mistakes

Being a first home buyer can be a confronting experience. You’re entering into the transactions cold, often trying to trump other more experienced buyers and grappling with your hopes and limitations.

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