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Ever wondered what the pillows looks like which footy players place their heads on at night? The fridge they open to get the milk for their protein shake? The coffee table they rest their size 13 feet on? In light of this weekend’s footy grand finals, we present a wrap up of the homes belonging to some of AFL’s heavy weights.

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Call yourself a movie buff? Put your money where your mouth is and have a go at guessing the films that made these properties famous.

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The best beds on the market to eat pancakes in

It is a proven fact that pancakes taste infinitely better whilst consumed in bed than in any other room of the house. So in light of today being International Pancake day and it being a Sunday, we present you a smorgasbord, if you will, of bedrooms on the market right now which we think would make for a perfect pancake eating setting. 22 Grandview Rd, Brighton

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The market is booming, but do murder houses also make a killing?

IN a market where 7 of 10 houses sell at auction, we are undoubtedly experiencing a “seller’s market”. But what if the seller was a murderer? We investigate the hottest homes ofAustralia’s – ahem- cold blooded crimes and understand whether this may have affected selling performance.   17 Goodsir st, Rozelle, NSW In 2009, a quaint home in Sydney’s highly sought after, Rozelle, became the crime scene for Giuseppe Di Cianni to murder his former business associates, the Frisoli brothers. While coverage may have tarnished Di Cianni’s name, who was given a heavy 30 year jail sentence, property seekers appear to have overlooked the home’s … › Read full article

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