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We all loved the hit norties show, The O.C, to be able to peak into lives of young America’s rich and entitled- and we get to do that once again.  › Read full article

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Buckle up, Blockheads! The latest season of the “blockbuster” reno show (ba-dum-chhh), The Block, airs this Sunday and if you’re anything like us, you want the scoop. Block co-creator and Executive Producer, Julian Cress, has been quoted saying this this season’s Octagonal property is “much more architecturally challenging than anything we have ever attempted,”[…] “It’s a huge challenge we’ve set the contestants. Some of them are going to struggle. It’s going to be tough!”. What reno show wouldn’t be complete without a few drills and hammers to bring on the water works?  › Read full article

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Five Suburbs On The Rise For Renting In Perth

  Different suburbs offer different opportunities for buyers – and the choice of area will depend on a person’s individual investment goals.    Some people buy property to generate cash flow, others look for capital growth whilst others want rental yields – but regardless of your investment strategy, it’s important to remember that property is more often than not a long-term proposition. 

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Move over man cave… Welcome “She Shed”

  With “She Sheds” being all the rage lately, we aren’t the least surprised. Aussies love a bit of backyard DIY, and girls are no exception. If men can have their “man caves,” there’s no reason women can’t have their own space to relax and unwind, too. Everyone deserves to have their own oasis in which they can escape the busy family life, a private space to do a little art or creative writing or embark on a hobby. If you’ve have decided that you need a “She Shed” in your life too then join the club- here’s a few styling tips to help turn it in … › Read full article

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