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Properties are at risk of break in

If only all thieves were this easy to identify

Whether we like it or not, home security is a subject many of us have been confronted with at some point. Unfortunately, the ugly prospect of a break-in is all too common these days, and it can have a devastating emotional impact on the residents. It’s not just the loss of treasured possessions, but also the loss of that precious feeling of safety.

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budgets are a mazeNext month’s state and federal budgets offer governments the chance to do something for those being priced out of the housing market by booming house prices. With the great Australian dream of home ownership in decline and first home buyers’ share of the owner-occupier market falling, the time has come for governments to reach out a helping hand.

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Where to Invest in Brisbane Real Estate

Brisbane is a market full of opportunity for those considering investing in property for sale as it poises all the right factors to suggest moderate to strong capital growth over the next few years and we have already started to … › Read full article

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RBA keep interest rates on hold for now

The Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to leave interest rates at present levels following their official meeting today. This decision keeps the cash rate unchanged at 2.50%. This decision was of no surprise, as it was predicted by all … › Read full article

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