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As more people move to areas with busy streets to escape the urban sprawl, traffic and night life noise can be a little bit of a surprise. If noise pollution is making your happy home less than comfortable, then you’ll want to take steps to reduce the problem. You don’t have to move house or spend a huge amount on concrete fencing, because there are some attractive ways that you can make the property quieter in an affordable way. By adding shutters, trees, fences and even garden shields noise from your property. › Read full article

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What comes to mind when you think Dandenong? Media reports may paint a not-so-pretty picture- particularly in the way of misconduct and misdemeanours, but perhaps it’s time to rethink your perceptions because according to locals, “Dandenong is just fine and dandy”. Of all the questionable names bestowed upon this Victorian suburb over the years, we are now seeing a change from “downtrodden” to “developing”.

Think what you may, but residents tell us it is a rapidly evolving hub- one which is transforming before their eyes.  Whether you are an investor with a keen eye for emerging real estate talent, a renter on a budget, or a property seeker who has outer city living and diversity on your check list- you’ll be dammed for discounting Dandenong. › Read full article

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Debunking the myths of negative gearing

As the debate on negative gearing progresses forward, what do the experts think? Gareth Woodham, Buyers’ Advisor from WBP Property Group and Katie Pickering, Director of Hodges Real Estate gives us their thoughts.

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Getting in the Zone

Without a shadow of a doubt, being located close to the best secondary colleges can add big dollars to both the price and long-term capital growth potential of residential property.  

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