Tech savvy property hunting: the next trends

Written by in Buying on April 1, 2015

Straightforward internet searches are passé for buyers, with impressive apps providing more insight into purchase options than ever before

investor with binoculars searches for property hotspots

Searching for properties has evolved dramatically with the introduction of new media technologies.

Cloud storage, mobile internet and the increasing penetration of broadband is escalating the speed with which information is able to be transmitted and consumed – and it’s made it easier than ever to find a property.

But while access to real estate information has become easier, the onus has shifted to the buyer to hunt down the best property.

Jacque Parker, president of the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia, says that while selling agents have long been the sole gatekeepers of information in the property game, technology is enabling buyers to gain some knowledge of this, and participate more in the experience.

“Buyers have far more information at their disposal and can use this to their advantage when it comes time to assess and negotiate property,” says Parker.

Parker says that one of the greatest changes to the way the industry operates has been the prevalence of mobile technology.

“The largest changes have involved faster delivery of information across a multitude of devices and in a more efficient timeframe.”

The savviest house hunters know that making use of this type of technology is key to keep ahead of the game.

“Buyers no longer rely on the Saturday lift-out alone, they now engage in a mix of online, mobile and paper research,” says buyer’s agent and director of Advantage Property Consulting, Frank Valentic.

“They’re able to look for properties on their phone whilst on the move, sitting on the tram, on their lunch break.”

Using real estate apps, buyers are able to keep track of current listings and keep all the information they need right in their pocket.

Real estate apps provide more information than a simple listing, such as in-depth property market data, and the ability to schedule open for inspections or auctions in your calendar,” says Valentic.

“However, this information has always been available to buyers – it’s just now presented to them in a more accessible way.”

Petra Sprekos, general manager of, agrees that mobile technology is firmly shifting the power right into the hands of the buyer.

“While agents serve an important purpose, we are now witnessing how technology is allowing the buyer to become more informed and gain more control over the buying process,” Sprekos says.

Information such as local amenities, schools, recently sold properties in the area, and median suburb prices are easily at hand in the best apps. Beautiful photos, floor plans and heat mapping technology are also helping buyers. The new app has these elements, along with built-in GPS technology to help find nearby properties for sale and to rent.

Saving properties of interest, and having one click access to get in touch with agents are other benefits.

“Buyers need information, quickly and easily, and it needs to be up to date and accessible whenever, wherever,” Sprekos says.

“Through customisation and targeting, we’re seeing how real time information is becoming more relevant.

“New technologies are giving buyers the power to ‘mould’ their property seeking journey rather than passively absorb what they are being given.”

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